A perfect start to the day

The land of coffee drinkers

Cappuccino, espresso, latte macchiato, regular, with milk or without milk – one thing is perfectly clear: we love coffee. 49.5 % of Germans aged between 18 and 64 even drink several cups a day. To wake you up in the morning, during a short elevenses break or at lunchtime in good company. Per-capita consumption in Germany is at approx. 0.44 liters a day. This yields an annual volume of about 162 liters and corresponds to 7.2 kg of green coffee per person. In comparison, the average German drinks just 148 liters of water each year. In addition to their own four walls, most of them prefer to enjoy their cup of coffee directly in the coffee shop. No doubt about it, coffee accompanies most of us through the day.

Total meltdown in bean paradise

Monday morning, 7 a.m. inside a popular Berlin café. Here, many people meet and get their day off to a good start: 7.30 – the queue is getting longer, high-end coffee makers seek out each individual nuance of flavor from the numerous roasts and make for the unique coffee taste. But even a seemingly perfect system is fallible. The pick-me-up was still flowing from the coffee spout – when the worst scenario happened. The machine fails, the coffee well runs dry. This is a job for the experts.

Knight in shining armor

Dominik Wolf, a service technician specially trained in the repair and maintenance of coffee machines, is the answer to this problem. From routine servicing, standard maintenance and replacement of wear parts up to emergencies like this – he makes sure that the machines work properly and we can enjoy freshly brewed coffee.

His daily routine is anything but a classic nine-to-five-job, he needs to be prepared for everything. He was just sitting comfortably at the breakfast table when he got a call: the coffee machine in the popular café has crashed. He grabs his service tool case as fast as he can and jumps into the van. On the way to the café, he has a few brief words with the staff there so that he can start right away on-site.


Once arrived at the place of operation, he makes his way through the waiting crowd. Looking into their eyes he can see that they are growing increasingly impatient: there is not much time left. Now straight to the coffee maker – everything must run very quickly now. The display indicates: system error. Dominik needs to take a closer look at it. Opening the service case, establishing a connection with the coffee machine, running an error analysis. He knows all steps by heart. After a short time, Dominik knows exactly what led to the malfunction. Quickly printing out the error log on the printer integrated inside the tool case and here we go!


Even the most sophisticated coffee machines, such as the one standing in front of Dominik, have a kind of mechanical ‘inner life’. The analysis reveals: several components of the grinder need to be replaced. Here, manual skills and know-how are in demand. There’s nothing he’d rather work with than his PARAT CLASSIC KingSize TSA LOCK™ CP-7 tool case. The CP-7 tool holder system combines neat storage, flexibility and efficiency and ensures a smooth workflow. The defective parts are replaced in just a few minutes. The machine is ready for use again in no time at all.

A deep, collective gasp of relief. And even on that Monday, albeit with a slight time lag, both the coffee shop owners and the many waiting people have a perfect start to the day thanks to Dominik.


The modern service technician needs more than just a notepad and a pen. Technological processes require equivalent technical outfit when doing servicing and maintenance work. When machine components are getting more and more filigree, one needs the right equipment. Dominik relies 100% on his PARAT service boxes and CLASSIC tool cases. The laptop integrated in the case allows him to carry out the most precise characteristic KPI analyses and system checks on coffee machines. The smart CP-7 tool holder system provides neat storage of all tools and allows him to work efficiently and keeps his concentration at a high level, even under immense time pressure.


Working closely with renowned companies and pros, we create individual solutions for specialists. We understand the challenging tasks of a service technician and together we share responsibility for the proper functioning of the machines so that they truly work as they should work. PARAT creates made-to-measure storage solutions and combines technology with traditional craftsmanship. Highest quality and detailed fine workmanship make our tool cases faithful companions and provide the basis for more focused work. Service technicians such as Dominik can now concentrate on the real work at hand – and we can enjoy a cup of tasty coffee.

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