PARAT and the dream of flying


The hangar doors are opening, the Airbus A380 is rolling towards the arrival hall of Frankfurt airport after 14,000 km without stopovers. The real work is only just beginning: In three-shift operation, technicians, engineers and aircraft mechanics ensure that the airplanes work as smoothly as possible and make flying the safest way to travel.

Pilots, flight attendants and air traffic controllers defy even the most adverse conditions, speed passengers from A to B and land the 560-ton airplane securely at the airport of arrival. However, they will not be alone when doing their job – aircraft mechanics make up the crew behind the pilots and make a decisive contribution to guarantee safety and smooth operation.


Andreas Klein has been working as an aircraft engine mechanic in hangar 6 (Frankfurt airport) for 13 years now.  He is the one who picks right up where the aircraft crew left off. As soon as the plane has left the maneuvering area, he starts his work. This world is the very opposite of what the uniformed flight crew experiences in their daily routine:

Scorching hot temperatures, oily and greasy hands, the smell of metal – this is where Andreas and his team feel completely comfortable.


The tasks are clearly defined. The aircraft is checked for faults and malfunctions following a structured procedure. The crew’s reports will be analyzed and work can now begin. The mechanics are in their »mode«.

Highly concentrated, they systematically repair engine parts, always keeping an eye on the clock. Working without time pressure? Not at hangar 6. The next pilots, attendants and passengers are already waiting for an airplane ready for take-off.


His equipment: the tool case by PARAT. Here, Andreas sticks to his principles. Order, system and structure are top priorities. His tools have to be ready to hand and in the right place any time they are needed. This allows him to work quickly without making mistakes, even under heavy time pressure.

Andreas Klein is a mechanic with all his heart and soul. He is fully aware of his responsibilities, fixes any problems that might occur in a careful and responsible manner, knowing well that the airplane has to transport more than 500 passengers securely and trouble-free on the following flight.


PARAT knows very well that aircraft mechanics such as Andreas cannot afford to do without structure, order and clever tool storage systems. A place for everything and everything in its place – we live by this philosophy at PARAT.

The bundled knowledge from more than 70 years of designing smart organization systems contributes to the development of every new transport and storage solution for tools and make them a reliable aid at work – so that we can continue to keep the dream of flying alive.

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