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The tool bag NEW CLASSIC Allround by the premium manufacturer PARAT is made of genuine cowhide. The side panels are reinforced with HDPE plastic and the edges are protected with aluminum. This way, the tools are safely stowed away inside the bag and well protected against external influences. The bag bottom is reinforced with plastic material and is fitted with integrated floor gliders to protect the bag from wear. The NEW CLASSIC Allround comes with a semi-fold-out front panel. This enables quick access to the bag’s content and always keeps the material needed ready at hand. The front panel comes with eleven sewn-in loops which can be individually adjusted to the respective tool size. The rear panel carries additional nine loops with a fixed structure. The front pouch accommodates additional useful utensils which must be quickly at hand. Integrated plug locks protect the bag’s content. The NEW CLASSIC Allround holds roughly 17 liters with an empty weight of just 2.5 kg.

Technical Features

  • semi-fold-out front panel with 11 adjustable loops
  • rear panel with 9 fixed loops
  • front pouch
  • buckles
  • PARAT plug locks
  • side panels and bottom tray made of HDPE grained plastic
  • reinforced body bag thanks to aluminium brackets
  • outside dimensions (W x H x D): 46,00 x 29,00 x 20,00 cm
  • inside dimensions (W x H x D): 42,00 x 25,00 x 16,00 cm
  • retrofittable carrying strap
  • weight: 2,50 kg
  • material: HDPE plastic, cowhide
  • scope of delivery: 2 keys
  • part no.: 5363000031

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