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The biggest of all the tool bags: as a real space saver, the NEW CLASSIC KingSize Plus by PARAT is eye-catching – thanks to its well thought-out inner compartments and generous space. With an empty weight of 4.6 kg and a capacity of 33 liters, the Premium bag can keep up to 40 tools. For this purpose, you’ll find practical fasteners on all panels inside the bag to hold your tools. The bag comes with semi-fold-out front and rear panels with 9 or 11 loops, whereby the center panel is firmly attached providing 19 sewn-in pockets. Two expecially large fasteners also serve to securely hold a level. And even safe storage of your documents and small parts doesn’t come up short: just keep them inside the front pocket specifically designed for that purpose. A robust carrying handle and ring caps to attach a shoulder strap ensure comfortable transport. To ensure that nothing gets lost when on your way to the client, the bag can be locked with two straps and PARAT plug locks. The NEW CLASSIC KingSize Plus is made of robust perforated leather and withstands the hardest environmental conditions encountered in everyday work thanks to HDPE plastic reinforcements and sturdy aluminum brackets. With all these benefits, the KingSize Plus makes your daily work significantly easier even under the toughest conditions.

Technical Features

  • semi-fold-out front panel with 9 fixed loops
  • fixed partition with 19 fixed loops
  • semi-fold-out rear panel with 11 fixed loops
  • side panels with 4 loops
  • loop holders for lever
  • front pouch
  • bottom tray
  • PARAT plug locks
  • 2 buckle belts
  • buckles
  • reinforced bag body thanks to aluminium brackets
  • outside dimensions (W x H x D): 51,00 x 40,00 x 25,00 cm
  • inside dimensions (W x H x D): 46,00 x 34,00 x 21,00 cm
  • retrofittable carrying strap
  • weight: 4,60 kg
  • material: HDPE plastic, cowhide
  • part no.: 5471000031

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