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The PARAT NEW CLASSIC Plus & View tool bag is made of embossed cowhide and ABS plastic. This makes the bag extremely robust and provides great resistance to moisture. The solid plastic frame and the hard-wearing leather give the bag a high level of stability and an appealing and modern look. This way, the tool bag stands safely even on uneven surfaces, without tipping over. In addition, the NEW CLASSIC Plus & View leather bag by PARAT comes with premium ratchet locks and a sturdy grip hole. This enables easy transport of the large premium tool bag at any time. The well thought-out interior concept shows up once the semi-fold-up front and rear panels of the bag are unfolded and reveals the well-proven PARAT order you are used to. The outer walls inside the bag are fitted with eight pockets each. Additional storage space is provided by a middle wall inside the bag, which can be easily removed. This panel carries ten adjustable loops on its front and rear side. This way, the bag can be flexibly customized to meet your individual needs in day-to-day business.

Technical Features

  • semi-fold-out front and rear panel with 8 pockets each
  • removable partition with 10 adjustable loops at front and rear panel each
  • snap-in locks
  • grip hole
  • outside dimensions (W x H x D): 43,00 x 36,00 x 20,00 cm
  • inside dimensions (W x H x D): 39,00 x 31,00 x 18,50 cm
  • weight: 2,50 kg
  • material: ABS plastic, Con-Pearl®, cowhide
  • part no.: 2460000401

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