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A tool case by PARAT impresses with high-quality equipment and an extremely robust design. This also applies to cases from our PARAPRO® line. The tool cases are not only waterproof, but also airtight and absolutely shock-proof. This is guaranteed by a hard-wearing polypropylene shell and a circumferential sealing. A pressure compensating valve provides for good ventilation inside. The tool case offers a useable volume of 36 l, its own weight is about 4.6 kg. Optionally, the tool case can be fitted with a Pick ‘n Pluck foam. This will increase its own weight by about 800 g. For clear identification, the tool case can be labeled. For this purpose, you’ll find a name tag on the front panel. To secure the content, you can attach a padlock. The PARAPRO® case comes with two covers which can be easily closed. In the bottom tray of this special-purpose case you’ll find four floor gliders. These enable safe standing and protect the material from excessive wear and tear.

Technical Features

  • special-purpose case
  • pressure compensating valve
  • circumferential sealing
  • 1 carrying handle
  • 2 locks
  • 4 floor gliders
  • integrated address / name tag
  • dimensions for lid/ bottom tray: 50 mm / 155 mm
  • can be secured by a padlock
  • empty part N° 6.480.001.391
  • with Pick 'n Pluck foam
  • weight 5,400g
  • outside dimensions (W x H x D): 51,00 x 44,50 x 23,00 cm
  • inside dimensions (W x H x D): 48,00 x 37,00 x 20,50 cm
  • suitable for air travel
  • watertight (IP67)
  • weight: 4,60 kg
  • material: polypropylene
  • part no.: 6480000391

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