PARAPRO® Koffer 6480

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The PARAT special-purpose case PARAPRO 6480 with Pick ‘n Pluck foam is made of thick-walled polypropylene. It is almost indestructible and even more solid than our PARAT standard cases, which are already suitable for air travel. In addition, the PARAPRO® case is 100 % waterproof, dust-tight and airtight. This protects its content against any and all outer impacts. The design is developed in such way that cases of the same size can be easily stacked one upon another without slipping. The special-purpose case corresponds to military standard requirements and is fitted with a pressure compensating valve as well as a circumferential neoprene sealing. These extraordinary features make your PARAPRO® first class in terms of mobile protection of important and valuable items. Custom-fit Pick ‘n Pluck foam inserts serve as a visual protection system for most valuable tools and measurement devices. The case is best suitable for the following fields of applications: armed forces, industry, maritime shipping, photography, rescue service, offshore, outdoor, broadcasting service and police.

Technical Features

  • special-purpose case
  • pressure compensating valve
  • circumferential sealing
  • 1 carrying handle
  • 2 locks
  • 4 floor gliders
  • integrated address / name tag
  • dimensions for lid/ bottom tray: 50 mm / 155 mm
  • can be secured by a padlock
  • weight: 5,400g
  • outside dimensions (W x H x D): 51,00 x 44,50 x 23,00 cm
  • inside dimensions (W x H x D): 48,00 x 37,00 x 20,50 cm
  • suitable for air travel
  • watertight (IP67)
  • weight: 5,40 kg
  • material: polypropylene
  • part no.: 6480001391

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