Tool Bag TOP-LINE Plus

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The TOP-LINE tool bag by PARAT is a well-proven and reliable premium organizing solution and is used in many different trades. The TOP-LINE Plus CP-7 is made of extra strong and embossed leather and is reinforced with aluminum brackets. Both front and rear panel are semi-fold-out and enable free access to your tools needed. The inner surface and the middle walls of the Plus CP-7 bag are fitted with pockets and CP-7 tool holders – this way, the TOP-LINE Plus CP-7 can accommodate roughly 34 tools. In addition, this high-quality tool bag is fitted with an innovative PARAT carrying handle. It fits the hand nicely thanks to integrated dimples and a moisture-resistant softtouch surface. This allows fatigue-free and comfortable transport even over several floors.

Technical Features

  • semi-fold-out front and rear panel with 8 pockets each
  • partition with 1 CP-7 tool holder Ø 11 mm
  • 1 CP-7 tool holder Ø 26 mm
  • grip hole
  • snap-in locks
  • outside dimensions (W x H x D): 46,00 x 37,00 x 20,00 cm
  • inside dimensions (W x H x D): 42,00 x 31,50 x 18,50 cm
  • retrofittable carrying strap
  • weight: 3,10 kg
  • material: Con-Pearl®, cowhide, ABS plastic
  • part no.: 16.000.571

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